5 Situations in Which You Should Call a Tow Truck


Isn’t it awful when your car breaks down? Especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere, or even at night. The first thing you consider is asking for a tow truck, and that’s a reasonable response in this situation. The tow truck service is great but it can be expensive, even more, when you don’t have the money to pay it at hand. If you want to avoid this you should have the proper equipment in your car for changing a tire or recharging your battery when it dies. You’re probably asking yourself: But what if I don’t have it? Then, by all means, always take some money (or at least a credit card) with you to pay a tow truck. Moreover, you should have a phone and the number of a tow trucks service recorded on your phone always because this will save you time. There 5 basic situations in which you should always consider calling a tow truck immediately.

  1. Car Accidents:This situation involves crashing with another car and leaving your vehicle unable to keep going by itself. It’s important that you consider calling a tow truck right away. Call 911 if any of the people involved in the accident are injured; this is the first step you need to take in this situation. If you roll over a ditch, you need to call a tow truck because that’s the only way you’ll be able to get out of there.
  2. The Battery Dies: Once again, it’s important to have the tools (i.e. jumper cables) for restarting a car when it dies. If you don’t then you should call a tow truck. They can help you in restarting the battery, and if the problem persists they can take you to the nearest vehicle repair shop.
  3. You’re Locked Out:This happens more than you think. Getting locked out of a car can be really frustrating when it happened to you. To avoid this from happening, you should always carry an extra key in your wallet or/and purse. If you forget it or you also left the spare inside the car (trust us, this can happen a lot too!) then call a tow truck. The driver of the tow truck will help you to retrieve your car key.
  4. Running Out of Gas: If you are running out of gas, and you’re far away from a gas station, consider calling a tow truck. Tow trucks offer the service of bringing you gas wherever you are. Additionally, the drivers will be in charge of filling your tank, and they’ll be with you until your drive away.
  5. Flat Tired: Once again, this is a pretty common case scenario. A flat tired may be considered a simple problem until you don’t have the equipment to change it, or if you don’t even know how to do it. If you find yourself in this situation, you should contact a tow trucks service. The driver will help you out installing the new tire. Remember that driving with a flat or loose is dangerous for you, and detrimental for your car.


There you have it, these are the 5 situations in which you should most definitely call a tow truck. Don’t put yourself into danger and call a tow truck to rescue you if you are in any of these difficulties.


Imagine you are traveling in your vehicle on road and suddenly you encounter an accident or breakdown issues, flat tire or any other issues. You will become panic and will be in trouble and very much stressed. It is then you really need a towing service where towing is the process where a vehicle which is not in a good condition is pulled or fixed to the back of another vehicle. By this process, towing services provides safety and protection for the damaged vehicle. Assorted toy trucks are used for this process, which functions in a better manner and does the service most efficiently.

Towing companies provide various services for your vehicle. Most importantly, the best towing company always protects your vehicle without damaging the vehicle. Towing services also provide emergency services too. You should always be careful while choosing the best towing company. Most of the companies make use of similar equipment’s. But you will realize that each company offers better options than other once you start searching for a towing company.


Now for many reasons towing company provides long distance towing services.  The towing companies provide roadside assistance and you should be careful and must keep an eye out for every factor while selecting the best towing company that suits your vehicle and also to avoid vehicle damage.  The towing company for the purpose of long distance towing services uses a covered trailer. Even though the towing company asks for extra money for this purpose, it will be worth the money you spent.


While you are a road, you can never predict that you will be always safe even if you are an expert driver. No! You should always be cautious and keep the number of towing service handy if in case you need an emergency service. So at some point in life, everyone will have to depend on a tow truck. While choosing the towing company you should always carefully note if the tow truck fits within the weight range in your vehicle. You should also note the towing capacity. It is the towing capacity that defines the capacity of the tow truck in bringing safety to your vehicle.


Safeguarding your vehicle is the main function a towing service does. On road, tow trucks risk themselves for protecting your vehicle. Tow truck drivers always take risks and sacrifices for your protection. Always look for professional truck drivers who maintain a certified license with good records. Don’t fall for low rate drivers who are less efficient.

You need a tow truck because of various reasons. Reasons include running out of gas, problems in changing a flat tire, collisions, battery drainage and overheating of vehicles. The most challenging part is how to safely tow your vehicle. You should always appreciate the role done by the towing services. Always look for the towing company that has got a high rating and great customer reviews.


You become panic and nervous when you encounter accidents on road. So if you have got a reliable and trusted towing service for you, you are free from all tensions So if you have chosen the most trusted and professional towing company, your vehicle is safe and the tow truck will definitely bring your vehicle to your destination without any damage.


Always choose the best towing company, which is highly rated in terms of professionalism, rating, reviews, and service. The towing company you choose should maintain excellent records. If you don’t choose the most reliable one, you will have to pay more for the damage that occurs in your vehicle than you will have to pay for the towing service.


5 Tips for Starting Your Own Tow Trucks Service

Starting a new business can be quite tricky. Being an entrepreneur is not easy because you need to have into consideration many economic and legal issues. Additionally, you have to offer people something that’s different and necessary. Many businesses fail for the lack of demand they have. We believe that a business that’ll never be unsuccessful is the tow trucking service. Tow trucks are essential for drivers all over the world. Have you considered this idea before? If you have then we’re going to offer 5 essential tips for starting your own tow trucks service like Layton Towing.

  1. Buy the tow trucks: This is basic. You can’t star a tow trucks service without owning the tow trucks. As with any other business, this requires an investment from you. The price of a tow truck can vary depending on the brand, the type of tow truck, and if they’re new or used. Some can cost around $500,000, and others can cost millions (i.e. from 1 to 4 million), and you’ll need to have at least one. You can and investigate and buy a tow truck through these websites: eBay, Commercial Truck Trader, Truck Paper, and Trucker-o-Trucker.
  2. Get a space in which you can operate your business: Once again, this is an essential point to take into consideration. You’ll need to have a space big enough for a garage for the tow trucks, and an office. Some of the things you should you have in your office are, a phone line and a computer. Invest in these tools because they’ll make your business grow.
  3. Hire tow truck drivers: Not everybody can drive a tow truck. Tow truck drivers need to have a commercial driver’s license. A commercial license is given to drivers who transport a vehicle of more than 26,000 pounds. All of your drivers need to have this special license. You need to have into consideration that your drivers need to satisfy the requirements made by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Basically, they need to be over 21 years old and no criminal offenses. Moreover, you drivers need to have basic training on how to manage a tow truck. Your drivers need to have a tow truck driver certification too. You can consider hiring drivers who possess all of these requirements or invest in training them. Be sure you’re hiring trustworthy people who are interested doing a good job.
  4. Get a business license and insurance policy: The steps on how to get a license depend on the state you decide to put your tow trucks service. You should check out which policies apply on every state.
  5. Get ready to promote your business: This is just as important as having the tow trucks and your drivers. You’ll only be able to sustain your business if you promote it well. Try to announce on the TV, radio, or even the internet. Also, you can promote your service through the police station or vehicle repair shops. Another way to promote your business is through an app that offers this service, such as Dectar.

You’re practically ready for starting your tow trucks service. The next step is taking a step. If you’re interested in this business invest in it, besides you’ll be helping a lot of people in the long run.


Many things can happen while you are on road. If you have got towing service as assistance, you can get saved yourself on road at any time. Contacting a towing company is not a big task. But finding an efficient towing service is really challenging. It is a time consuming process and you will have look upon many factors like if the company maintains all licenses and insurances, if the low truck drivers are certified and if the company has got good service records. By checking the mentioned factors, one can choose towing company wisely.

Following are the major tips you should look upon while choosing a good towing company:


  1. Firstly, you should collect all the reputed names of towing companies.


  1. Secondly it is highly recommended to get suggestions from your family or friends or even you can rely on Internet, about any towing services they know.



  1. After you have got their suggestions and you have selected few towing companies, you should check its mileage rates.


  1. You should also check the payment they ask for, after their service.



  1. After that, you choose the best out of many and check in details about how they are efficient in their services.


  1. You should then check and make sure that the company maintains all valid licenses and insurances.



  1. Next, you should look for certified truck drivers who have got good records.


  1. Last but not the least; choose the company that has got best customer reviews and ratings.



You will be able to measure how professional your towing company is. You should check with other customers and be sure of that your vehicle will reach you safely. Discovering how to safely tow your own vehicle is highly challenging. If you don’t have any clear idea of what you are doing, you will have to pay more for damage occurred in your vehicle than it would have cost you to have a towing service. If you know how to tow your vehicle without any damage, you can have peace of mind without any tension.


When you are sure of getting a trusted and reliable emergency roadside assistance, you are free from nervousness. You can rely on towing services for long distance trips. If your chosen towing service is the most trusted and professional one, there is no place for worry. It will bring your vehicle to your destination undamaged. It will be worth the money you spend for the service. Each towing company provides different equipment’s for towing and you should choose the best from many.


You should always check if the vehicle fits inside the towing vehicle within the weight range. The towing capacity of the vehicle is plays a major role in bring safety for your family and vehicle. You should always trust professional and reputed towing company that provides best and efficient towing service. You should always check if the towing company provides efficient customer service. Not every company has good reviews with excellent customer rating.

The services provided by the towing companies are highly appreciable as they provide best service by handing over the vehicles to its destination without any damage or difficulty. Choose your best towing company experience the best service ever and stay safe on road. You should always keep your towing service number handy if in case an emergency situation happens. Don’t risk damaging your vehicle.


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